About Read Performance Training

I believe that humans are all athletes. There is no difference in my mind between what a professional athlete needs to what a stay at home mother needs.

 Consider this:

Andrew ReadA professional athlete needs to run, turn and squat to compete in their sport. But we all need to run to cross the street or chase down a child. We have to turn to get in and out of the car or put groceries away. And we squat every day when we get in and out of the car, in and out of chairs and even on and off the toilet.

The goal of Read Performance Training is simple, but far beyond just the shallow level of making you look good. Our goal is to help you reclaim that inner athlete, that joyous child that could run and play all day long. You’ll end up looking good as a result of our training, but we aren’t concerned with something so superficial as our sole goal.

The modern fitness industry is filled with inexperienced trainers – 70% of trainers last less than 5 years – and equipment manufacturers telling you that you need expensive machines and supplements to get in shape.

 You don’t.

Unlike most people who claim to be kettlebell trainers or strength coaches, we’re experts at what we do. That’s why we don’t need a bunch of fancy looking machines or toys to entertain you. In fact, even other trainers come to me to learn – I’ve trained nearly every single HKC or RKC instructor in Australia at some point. RPT is run by me, Andrew Read – one of the 1% trainers in the world who has more than 15 years experience. As a full time trainer over the last two decades I’ve seen and done it all.

My resume looks like this:

  • Master RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor – the only Australian ever promoted to this level).
  • Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist
  • Certified Indian Club Specialist
  • National Director Primal Move
  • Qualified Olympic and Power Coach through the Australian Weightlifting Federation
  • Ironman Triathlete
  • Author for – Blitz, Ultrafit, Inside MMA, International Kickboxer, Oxygen and Breaking Muscle.
  • Lectured in Australia, USA, China and Korea.

I’ll be frank. Most trainers are incompetent at best and dangerous at worst. Their idea of training is to make you sore and sweaty. If you like that idea then go stand in a sauna and I will happily hit you with a bat. If you’d actually like to reclaim that same playful athleticism you had as a child then come see us. We advocate movement, strength and endurance work – if you think being in shape is only about standing still and lifting weights then you have fitness all wrong. Movement is the essence of life – it fixes poor movement and strengthens and protects the body. When we stop moving we die.

Our training is based on Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen. We screen all our clients before they can begin training so that we know if you’re ready to train seriously. The reality is that many people these days are in awful shape from years of neglect. Trying to add fitness on top of this dysfunction only sets you up quicker for an injury. Our goal is to see you supple, strong and healthy for many years to come so we only add intensity when your body is actually ready for it. This means that training with us is a long-term process. If all you want is a quick fix then please look elsewhere. RPT is for those who get that just like it took you years to get out of shape it is not going to be an overnight process to get back into shape. We are not about fake promises or short term, and if you want your life to be one of long-term health and fitness neither should you be.