Andrew Read

I’ve taught others how to be a personal trainer in Melbourne and lectured in Personal Training courses teaching literally hundreds of people the basics of becoming a good trainer.

I’ve written for Ultrafit, Inside MMA, Blitz, Oxygen, International Kickboxer, Triathlon and Multisport and Breaking Muscle as a functional strength and conditioning expert. I’ve also lectured all around Australia, Korea, the Phillipines, New Zealand and the United States and been the only Australian ever to be asked to teach at the Russian Kettlebell Certification by Pavel Tsatsouline.

Our Personal Training business in Melbourne’s Moorabbin – Read Performance Training – is the culmination of everything I’ve learned from the world’s very best coaches.

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One thought on “Andrew Read

  1. Hi Andrew my name is Jophiel. My father pointed me in your direction recently since I’m moving to Sydney.

    I’m looking to change my way of exercising of regular conventional push ups/pull-ups, running, occasional weights, etc, that do make me strong, but also have given me injuries and not a mobile, flexible, and truly strong body like you’re describing. I’ve been exercising my whole life, but I feel that I lack proper structure and a full knowledge in exercise. I want to change my body to a fully developed one like yours, eventually to teach and help others like you’re doing.
    I’m really interested in your programs, but since I’ll be in Sydney, is there a way to train under you or with someone who is certified by you in Sydney, or someone you could recommend? Or would I have to go to your gym once in a while to get assessed and trained, then do it at home?

    Thank you very much.


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