Andrew Read

I’ve taught others how to be a personal trainer in Melbourne and lectured in Personal Training courses teaching literally hundreds of people the basics of becoming a good trainer.

I’ve written for Ultrafit, Inside MMA, Blitz, Oxygen, International Kickboxer, Triathlon and Multisport and Breaking Muscle as a functional strength and conditioning expert. I’ve also lectured all around Australia, Korea, the Phillipines, New Zealand and the United States and been the only Australian ever to be asked to teach at the Russian Kettlebell Certification by Pavel Tsatsouline.

Our Personal Training business in Melbourne’s Moorabbin – Read Performance Training – is the culmination of everything I’ve learned from the world’s very best coaches.

Shannon Scullin

Who am I and how did I end up here?

These words were resonant in my head 3 years ago.

Slouched at my desk, under the humming fluorescent lights above, breathing in the stale, recirculated air, I found myself mindlessly staring at my computer screen. Dressed in my swanky business suit, working my well paid executive job, I realised something – I was completely and utterly miserable!

They say you spend a third of you life at work. So why, I asked myself, was I continuing to work a job that didn’t challenge me in the slightest little bit, a job that I got absolutely no satisfaction from what so ever? Was it because the people I worked with were so lovely? No. Was it because the hours I worked were so good? Maybe. Or was it because I got paid a ridiculous amount of money to do a job that, to be quite honest, had such a miniscule work load that it should never have existed in the first place? I don’t know. I did, however, know this. I had to get out! The only problem was I had absolutely no idea where to start.

A year or so prior I had started the recruit fire-fighter application process. I couldn’t think of a job more rewarding than one that actually made a difference in whether someone lived or died. A job that came with a massive adrenalin rush, educated the community and as an added bonus, had no paperwork involved.

I applied and made it through the first 8 rounds of testing only to luck out in the final interview stage. Disheartened, but not willing to give up on what I “thought” could be my dream job, I reapplied. Unfortunately, this time around the MFB had reduced the recruit intake for the year, significantly slowing down the testing process. With a 3-6 month wait between each test and having only just sat the first written test again, I couldn’t bear the thought of sticking it out in my current office job in the hope that I would eventually be accepted in to the Fire Brigade.

Clearly evident that office work was not for me and that my career as a fire-fighter may never actually eventuate, it was time to come up with a backup plan. I needed another career to aspire to but how was I supposed to go about making such a big decision?

I asked myself the following questions. Who am I? What do I enjoy doing and what do I want to achieve in life?

My close friends will tell you that the words “I don’t know how to” and “I can’t” do not exist in my vocabulary nor will I accept them as an excuse from anyone. If you don’t know how to I’ll teach you and if neither of us know, we’ll learn together. With this in mind I decided that I should research careers that involved teaching of some kind. But what kind?

My entire life I’ve been active. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember a time when I haven’t played some kind of sport or dragged my friends out on weeklong hiking, camping and climbing trips around the country. Not to mention the numerous mountain biking and adventure races I’ve managed to suck them in to competing in, with me. Some of my fondest memories from childhood are of me rounding up all the kids in my neighbourhood and leading them on expeditions that usually ended up in us travelling km’s out of town where we couldn’t be caught getting up to mischief. I was the “ringleader”. Always the first to try something dangerous and if I came out of it unscathed then it was safe for everyone else to attempt. The scars on my right hip and elbow tell the tale of a young girl who tried to ride her BMX at top speed, down a very long, steep, washed out, gravel road. Objective achieved. However, if it were not for my front wheel buckling, sending me over the handle bars, sliding down the road on my side, I am positive that I could have gone a hell of a lot faster!.….. But I digress. My love for sport, the outdoors and being active in general is something that has remained throughout my entire life and hence the decision to follow a career in Personal Training seemed logical.

Within 1 week of making my decision I had set up meetings with several different fitness academies around Melbourne to ascertain which would provide the best education and by the end of November 2009 I was a qualified Personal Trainer.

And so the REAL journey began…