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Group Training

I’m of the firm belief that the majority of people do not need one on one personal training. There are some cases where it is warranted but for the majority group training is a better fit. Unlike most group classes which are a random series of non-related workouts our group training still runs to a pre-set plan to get you in better shape week after week. Classes are limited to no more than a dozen people and you will always have an instructor present to push you and give you feedback and technical corrections.


Personal Training

Personal Training

While group training is the mainstay of our program there are times when one-on-one training is necessary. Brand new clients all start with personal training to ensure that their form is set in stone so they can enter the more hectic and fast paced world of group training. For obvious reasons clients needing injury rehab or specialized programs for sports performance also need one-on-one training.



Functional Movement Screen

The FMS system has been used by the NFL and Marines to assess weakness and injury risks. In Australia the Federal Police and AFL teams are starting to take notice. Andrew Read is the national director for FMS and the country’s first qualified and most experienced user of the system. The FMS system features heavily in our training sessions and everything we do centres around clients moving better and without pain.