Help me help you

You need help to get in shape
Help me to help you get in shape

We have a very cut and dry policy when it comes to injuries at RPT. It’s very different to what most other personal trainers anywhere will do, and having seen what the competition does locally in Bayside (Brighton, Sandringham, Highett, Moorabbin, Hampton, and Black Rock) it’s actually quite a shock for most people when they first start training with us. Continue reading “Help me help you”

Why you can’t get ripped – because your strength is your weakness.

Train your weaknesses, but fight your strengths. Those words have been said to me more times than I can remember as an aspiring athlete, and now they are often in my head first and foremost when I work with my clients. Continue reading “Why you can’t get ripped – because your strength is your weakness.”

Don’t think, feeeel

I’m not surprised people don’t get great results when it comes to their strength training, fitness training, triathlon training or any other kind of training. I mean, I’m a professional at this, and have honestly never really done anything else, other than spend my entire life learning about exercise and even I get confused about what the hell i should be doing from time to time. Continue reading “Don’t think, feeeel”