Building the Squat

Andrew Read performs a goblet squat
Andrew Read performs a goblet squat

When it comes to physical training just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. For instance, I could decide to go and start sprinting up a hill as fast as I could with no warm up. Perhaps my body would cope with it, but the more likely scenario is that it wouldn’t. A far smarter idea would be to begin with some running technique work, if I had no running base. Once that was grooved in place I could do some easy tempo runs gradually building the pace. Only after a few months of building up would it be smart to move onto the hill sprints, and only then once a thorough warm up had been undertaken. Continue reading “Building the Squat”

Rethinking Kettlebell Ballistics

Andrew Read swings a heavy kettlebell
Rethinking kettlebell ballistics

Back when kettlebells first became popular there were three things that drew me to them. Firstly, they allowed you to perform a lot of movements with only a few pieces of equipment – something that appealed greatly to my minimalistic nature. Secondly, they can be a great tool for rehab, strength, and conditioning (although to a lesser degree). And finally, many of the exercises were hip centric movements which would do wonders to help get rid of the lazy glutes many suffer from and help build full body power. Continue reading “Rethinking Kettlebell Ballistics”

Why you need kettlebell swings

Why you need kettlebell swings
Select your size for the kettlebell swing

If you’ve been around exercise for any length of time you’ll have heard the hype surrounding kettlebells by now. Over the last few years even the mainstream gyms – usually the slowest to adopt any new training equipment that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – have started buying kettlebells. But put your fears aside – kettlebells have been around for hundreds of years. far long, in fact, than any of the other equipment found in your gym such as barbells, treadmills, and TRX. Continue reading “Why you need kettlebell swings”

The kettlebell snatch and VO2 training protocols

One of the things that pops up time and time again in the kettlebell world is the RKC snatch test and how best to train for it. Usually after someone has passed the snatch test they “get it” and stop freaking out about it and greatly reduce the amount of snatching they’re doing. But what if you’re still in the first group? What if you’re still trying to get your numbers so that you can pass the snatch test? Continue reading “The kettlebell snatch and VO2 training protocols”