Mark Neal

“I started tracking things on 4 Feb. Opened the account at 91.2, weighed 85.9 at the beginning of The Challenge on 4 March. Was 80.7 on Monday 18 March. Structure helps so much.”

John Sundin

“First: Thank You to Andrew for putting the 28 Day Challenge together!
A few stats: 7 lb fat loss, 2 lb muscle gain. 14% body fat down to 10% body fat. Lactic training HR improved from 172-175 bpm
By focusing on the habits and lifestyle choices that have the greatest impact (as prescribed), I have not only experienced excellent body comp and performance gains, but my energy and mental acuity have also greatly improved. Sleep has long been my Achilles Heel, but making the commitment to 8 hrs a night has proven to be the most beneficial thing I have done in years (yes to the end of scheduling it like any other training session).
With a number of endurance events on the calendar this year I am excited to see what I’m capable of as I continue to refine the habits I’ve started on the program

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