Cris Brown Testimonial

“I have known Andrew for around 10 years now and without a doubt along with being an exceptional athlete I have always admired his attention to detail and professionalism – the way he approaches all aspects of what he does. He has always had the drive to be the best and get the most out of everyone, but he doesn’t influence by sitting in an armchair or on facebook – he leads by example. You are in good hands he is second to none. ”
Cris Brown, Adrenaline MMA
5 time Olympian, Freestyle wrestling

Sophia Testimonial

“Training with Andrew has helped me become 2009 BJJ no gi World Champion as well as earning 3rd place at this year’s Pan American Championships and 1st place at this years Grappler’s Quest.”
Sophia Drysdale

“Andrew has consistently impressed me with his depth of knowledge and ability to improve my own skills, such that I can now pass those skills onto others. To that end, I have since visited Andrew on several occasions for various courses and training sessions; no mean feat as he is more than 3,000km away!”
Tim Almond
RKC, Box 33

Testimonial Delaine Ross

“Andrew has a way of breaking down the fundamentals and intelligently helping his clients reach their goals. The more I get to know Andrew the more impressed I become. If you have a chance to work with him, dont miss out. You will not be disappointed.”
Delaine Ross
All About Kettlebells, SFG Team Leader

Neghar Fonooni Testimonial

“Andrew has proved his unparalleled stance as the leader in kettlebell training in Australia and continues to lead by example. I’d recommend Andrew to anyone I know, and I am proud to call myself his colleague. ”
Neghar Fonooni.
Eat, Lift & Be Happy

Grant Lofthouse Testimonial

“I’ve probably mentioned this one thousand times to family and friends, “Andrew Read is by far the best trainer in Australia hands down” I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Andrew has, and always will be, my ‘go to’ guy whenever I have a question about training, rehab, prehab, business, movement and kettlebells.”
Grant Lofthouse
Cardio Haters Gym

Val Hedlund Testimonial

“Andrew is a true professional in every way- he knows his stuff, he’s a fantastic instructor, and he’s physically capable. Andrew lives and breathes this stuff and he takes it seriously”
Val Hedlund
Iron Maiden, Simple Strength & Fitness

Piers Kwan Testimonial

“Andrew is blazing a path in kettlebells that no one else in Australia has ever done before. If you want to learn from the best in the business in Australia then you would be silly not to go to Andrew.”
Piers Kwan
RKC, Queensland kettlebells

TC Lee Testimonial

“Andrew Read is the best kettlebell trainer in Australia. I learnt so much more from Andrew and I would highly recommend anyone who lives in Australia to seek his expertise if the goal is to attain the highest standard in kettlebell training.”
TC Lee
RKCII, TC Personal Training

Pavel Tsatsouline Testimonial

“Andrew is a terrific representative in Australia. He is the spearhead of our invasion.
Pavel Tsatsouline

Lianne Saunders Testimonial

“Every training session with Andrew leaves you feeling that you’ve achieved something new or improved upon exercises you thought you’d mastered! Great to be able to benefit from such an experienced and knowledgeable trainer.”
Lianne Saunders

Brett Gartner Testimonial

“13 and a half weeks later and at last weigh in I was down to 100kg – a whopping 22kg disappeared because of Andrew and his team’s training, PT sessions, programming and nutritional sup
Brett Gartner