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    My name is Andrew Read and I’ve been a personal trainer in Melbourne for almost twenty years.

    Over that time I’ve worked with elite athletes like world champion BJJ fighter Robert Drysdale, UFC legend Chuck Liddell as well as average Joe’s or Fran’s and Dianne’s whose only sport is fitness.

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    Andrew Read

    I’ve taught others how to be a personal trainer in Melbourne and lectured in Personal Training courses teaching literally hundreds of people the basics of becoming a good trainer. I’ve written for Ultrafit, Inside MMA, Blitz, Oxygen, International Kickboxer, Triathlon and Multisport and Breaking Muscle as a functional strength and conditioning expert. I’ve also lectured all around Australia, Korea, the Phillipines, New Zealand and the United States and been the only Australian ever to be asked to teach at the Russian Kettlebell Certification by Pavel Tsatsouline. Our Personal Training business in Melbourne’s Moorabbin – Read Performance Training – is the culmination of...
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    Shannon Scullin

    Who am I and how did I end up here? These words were resonant in my head 3 years ago. Slouched at my desk, under the humming fluorescent lights above, breathing in the stale, recirculated air, I found myself mindlessly staring at my computer screen. Dressed in my swanky business suit, working my well paid executive job, I realised something – I was completely and utterly miserable! They say you spend a third of you life at work. So why, I asked myself, was I continuing to work a job that didn’t challenge me in the slightest little bit, a job that...
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  • what-we-do-imgOur program is for everyone as long as they have the grit, strength and the willingness to work their body and pump their muscles. If you’re just looking for someone to hold your hand while you walk on a treadmill we’re not for you! If you’re looking to discover your true potential and have star…

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