Over 40 and want to get in shape?

"The big difference people find when they come here is that what we are. We are the 1% of the fitness industry."
Andrew Read


Getting in shape isn’t easy and the older you get the harder it is. With all the extra stress that comes with the territory – work stress, family stress, relationship stress – it’s just not possible to cram large amounts of training stress on top too. That’s why you keep getting injured. Well, that and your trainer is probably half your age and has no idea what it’s like to be forty-plus.

Read PT is different. It’s run a by lifelong trainer/ athlete who even at forty-four years old proved his training methods work by completing an Ironman and keeping up with Navy SEALs.

There’s no magic, but there are no lies either. We won’t promise you everything and deliver nothing. But we will help you become the best version of yourself you can be.



Movement, the first step when you train at ReadPT


The body is designed to move for five to six hours a day and sit still for one or two. What a surprise that your body doesn’t move so well when that process has been reversed since you were six years old and started school. And the older you are the worse this is.

Every client begins with an FMS screen so we can pinpoint your weaknesses and design an appropriate program just for you. This allows you to train injury-free right from the start with no guesswork involved.

Strength - to live well beyong 40 years old


Strength training doesn’t mean bulging biceps. It means the muscles doing their job properly so that your back doesn’t hurt and those headaches you get from hours at a computer stop. Strength training means being able to get up and down from the floor to play with your young children. It can also mean being able to keep up with them for a few more years too.

Strength also means resilience. A strong supple body is one that will serve you well forever without breaking down. You don’t have to become one of those people who tells stories about when they used to be fit "until their back went out a few years ago".

Conditoning - to keep up well beyond 40 years old


Being fit doesn’t necessarily mean you could run a marathon. But it does mean you could do some gardening without gasping for breath or being worn out for days. It also means you could run for a train without fear of dying.

Conditioning plays just as big a part in your lifelong health as strength does. Overly focusing on one or the other will eventually leave you gasping for breath if you chase too much strength or weak and broken if all you do is fitness work. It’s called strength and conditioning for a reason, not just strength, or just conditioning and at Read PT we do both.


Unlike most people in the fitness world we are experts at what we do. In an industry where most trainers have already left by the five-year mark, only 1% stays beyond the fifteen-year mark. And that’s what you get at Read PT – the 1% experts of the industry. In fact, Andrew regularly teaches other trainers all over the world how to do what he does. Take a look at our upcoming events

We don’t need fancy machines or gadgets to entertain you. Using a combination of kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight training put together with a programming system that has been proven to work for over two decades our blue-collar system can help you too. With a track record that includes MLB players, Olympians, world champions, and recreational athletes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Taekowndo, triathlon, cycling, running, and rugby as well as the preparation of tactical athletes such as Victoria Police, MFB, or military we have the experience to help you no matter your goal.

"We don’t need fancy machines or gadgets to entertain you. Using a combination of kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight training put together with a programming system that has been proven to work"
Andrew Read

I’d recommend Andrew to anyone I know

Andrew has proved his unparalleled stance as the leader in kettlebell training in Australia and continues to lead by example.

Neghar Fonooni
Eat, Lift & Be Happy

Andrew is blazing a path in kettlebells

If you want to learn from the best in the business in Australia then you would be silly not to go to Andrew

Piers Kwan
RKC, Queensland kettlebells

Andrew is a true professional in every way

He knows his stuff, he’s a fantastic instructor, and he’s physically capable.
Andrew lives and breathes this stuff and he takes it seriously.

Val Hedlund
Iron Maiden, Simple Strength & Fitness

Andrew Read is the best kettlebell trainer in Australia

I learnt so much more from Andrew and I would highly recommend anyone who lives in Australia to seek his expertise if the goal is to attain the highest standard in kettlebell training.

TC Lee
RKCII, TC Personal Training